Stock advisory is one of the major aspects of stock investment and unfortunately the most overlooked part of the same too. A majority of investors start investing in stocks without doing any research or analysis and end up incurring heavy loss. According to experts, it is always beneficial to seek the help of stock advisory firm or best stock advisor in India that can help investors understand their investment objective and devise effective investment strategies to ensure higher returns.

There are hundreds of stock advisors available that are expert-led but not all are trustworthy. If you want to make the best out of your stock investments, experts recommend to join hands with a stock advisory firm to get the best advice related to stock investment. In this post, you will get to know everything about stock advisory, its benefits, and the top stock advisory companies in India.

What Is stock advisory?

Put simply, stock advisory refers to the act of providing stock-related advice to investors who want to get the best returns out of their investment in stocks. This stock advisor can be a person or a firm that can work towards ensuring better returns for their clients out of their investments. Stock advisors discharge their services against a fee.

How Stock Advisors Work?

Stock advisors act as experts in the financial sector by advising customers in return for a fixed charge. Investment advisors are obligated to act in their customers’ best interests at all times and bear a fiduciary obligation to them.

For example, stock advisors must make sure that their clients’ transactions come first and that any suggestions they make to them are carefully crafted to take into account their needs, preferences, and financial situation. Stock advisory companies must take care to prevent any conflicts of interest, whether they are real or virtual.

Stock advisors frequently have a degree of discretionary power that enables them to act on behalf of their clients without first requesting official authorization. However, the clients are supposed to explicitly provide this authorization, often as part of the client on boarding procedure.

Benefits Of Working With Stock Advisory Companies

Below are some of the major benefits of working with best stock advisors or stock advisory companies.

  1. They know your risk-taking capability – Getting excellent returns on your portfolio is not the primary measure of financial success. Additionally, it means letting go of everyday concerns about the performance of the portfolio and experiencing restful evenings. By investing in the stock market in accordance with your risk profile, you may do this. The finest stock advisors will assess your risk profile first and only recommend stocks that are suitable for you.
  2. Reduced risk – Equity investments are hazardous, and without some knowledge of the market, it will be impossible for you to succeed financially. The effects of many local, regional, and global events might increase the volatility of your portfolio. To lessen risk, you must have a system in place.
  3. Goal-oriented investment – The majority of investors are aware that they should diversify their portfolio and adhere to asset allocation. The implementation portion, however, is more difficult because it calls for knowledge. The stock gurus assist you in building a diverse portfolio by tactically allocating resources to stocks with various market caps.
  4. Professional allocation of assets – Equity investments are risky, and you won’t be able to win financially if you don’t have any market expertise. Numerous local, regional, and international events might have an impact on your portfolio’s volatility. You need to have a strategy in place to reduce risk.
  5. Timely monitoring of portfolio – Equity investment is a continual process, and in order to reap the rewards, you must be actively involved. You must stay informed about the firm in which you have stock if you are an investor. It takes a lot of work. Most of the time, average investors are unable to keep track of every detail regarding every company in their portfolios. The greatest equities advisory provides you with frequent portfolio monitoring so they can advise you to sell any stocks that become dangerous. Overall, it aids in reducing portfolio risk.

10 Best Stock Advisor in India

Now, you have understood the meaning and importance of stock advisory, it’s time to know the top 10 stock advisors in India. So, if you are looking to get the best-in-class stock advisory, it is necessary to have the knowledge of top 10 stock advisory firm in India, their benefits. Here, we have highlighted some of the most reliable and best stock advisory companies in India.

Top 10 Stock Advisors in India 2023
S.No.Stock Advisor NameFounded (Year)Charges
1AGM Investment2016INR 2499/- Per Month
2CapitalVia Global2006INR 8000/- Per Month
3Asset Villa2017INR 3499/- per month
4Streetgains2016INR 2599/- per month
5Kotak Private Equity Group2005INR 7999/- per month
6BTS Asset Management1979INR 2499/- Per month
7Research and Ranking2009INR 6599/- per month
8Bajaj Capital1964INR 2999/-per month
9Unit Trust of India1964INR 4500/- per month
10Mister Market2012INR 4499/- per month

1. AGM Investment

AGM Investment is one of the Best Stock Advisor in India

Established in 2016, AGM Investment is a leading stock advisory firm which is registered at NSE. The firm got nominated for Young Entrepreneur category by Indian Achievers Forum. AGM INVESTMENT offers its clients a wide range of services including Strategic Planning, Portfolio Management, and Financial Performance Analysis. Mr. Navneet Maheshwari is the Managing Director of AGM Investment.

The stock advisory firm emphasizes that portfolio Building is the first and foremost step for every investor looking to get into stock investing. This work is simplified for the customers by the company. With investing choices, it creates portfolios for the short and long term. Additionally, it offers intraday alerts for commodities, equity cash, futures, and options, along with risk management strategies for entrance and exit.

In addition to the aforementioned services, AGM Investment also offers stock market training. These are customised workshops with in-depth chart analysis for all skill levels. There are more than 20 methods that are taught specifically for Nifty, Bank Nifty, and Stock Options. Given the demands and budget of its customers, the firm provides a variety of membership programmes.


  • 10+ awards won so far
  • 2000+ clients so far
  • More than 6 years of experience
  • Insightful stock market education and guidance
  • Fundamental and technical research capabilities

What this stock advisory offers

More than 20 specific stock, nifty, bank-nifty, financial management, and financial literacy methods are taught to students by AGM Investment. It has aided individuals in releasing their financial restraints. Investors have benefited from the firm’s assistance by receiving the appropriate investment alternatives as well as advice on how to make lucrative judgements.

2. CapitalVia Global

CapitalVia Global is the leading stock advisor in india

CapitalVia is a SEBI-registered stock advisory company with 15 years of experience in financial market research and stock advisory. The firm was founded in 2006 and delivers objective technical analysis & solutions for the trading community, provided by qualified experts, in order to foster a favourable atmosphere.

The company’s dedication to sustainability influences our technologies, thorough research, and unsurpassed trustworthiness. CapitalVia’s continued worldwide presence gives its clients an advantage by providing us with unique insight into many sectors and countries and enabling us to have a global impact.


  • A dedicated mobile application for seamless stock advisory experience
  • Also offers advisory on foreign stocks
  • NISM certified stock advisors in the team
  • 75K+ clients
  • Steadfast client support
  • Market Pro, Market Neuron, TechniQ, QuantIQ are the top financial products by the stock advisor

3. Asset Villa

Asset Villa is india's best stock advisor

Based out of Mumbai, Asset Villa is one of the best stock adviser in India. The company provides comprehensive financial planning services to both individuals and families. A wide range of financial services are offered by them, including loans, insurance, mutual funds, financial advising, and other expenses. The demands of the customer are the primary focus of all of their offerings. Additionally, they strive to offer the best advising and growth trajectory to its linked clients. Over 2500 delighted and happy clients of the company.

  • A team of skilled, dedicated and experienced stock advisors
  • User-access control and opportunities to keep a track of holdings and risk profiles
  • Simplified financial plans for divers types of customers
  • Offers dynamic and in-depth research services
  • Personalized stock advisory services

4. Streetgains

Street Gains is the best stock advisor in India

One of the best stock advisor in India, Streetgains, is SEBI-registered and focuses on the equities and commodities industry. The clients’ unique needs might be catered to in their offers. The company offers helpful research tips to all of its clientele. Indian retail merchants completely support and certify that they are a credible consultancy and research company. Their trained and professional crew of specialists provides their clients with a plethora of support. They also seek to employ technology to enhance their offerings and give the best trading guidance. Their clients’ investing experiences will be enhanced, and they may trade freely

  • Long-term investment plan advisory services
  • Client-centric approach
  • Dedicated risk management
  • Focused market analysis
  • Limited trades for maximum gains

5. Kotak Private Equity Group

Kotak Private Equity Group is the best Stock Advisor in India

As a prominent stock advising firm that is a member of India’s famous Kotak Group, Kotak Private Equity Group assists clients in achieving their financial objectives. The Kotak Mahindra Group has been taking part in private equity deals since 1997. In order to provide this industry a better focus, Kotak Investment Advisors Limited was founded in 2005 as the Group’s Alternate Assets Department with its first structured third-party private equity and real estate funds.

The Kotak Private Equity team has regularly been among the first to make investments in India’s emerging industries, such as Internet-driven businesses, Quick Service Restaurants, Media & Entertainment, Retail, and the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.

The Indian private equity sector’s pioneers who formed the best stock advisory firm are a disciplined investor with a focus on long-term value creation and growth. They work together to create growth across industries with great leadership teams and promoters.

  • One of the promising players in the stock advisory sector
  • IPR-based stock advisory
  • Unmatched exposure to technology
  • A pool of skilled and dedicated stock advisors
  • Fabulous growth opportunities for investors looking for long-term growth

6. BTS Asset Management

BTS Asset Management is the Best Stock Advisor in India

BTS Asset Management, which was founded in 1979 and is regarded as the top stock advisor in India, handles traditional assets in an unusual manner. Over a long period of time, BTS has managed tactical fixed income and stocks. BTS has experience managing teams over several market cycles, changes in interest rates, recessions, and recoveries.

The bulk of Indian businesses enjoy guaranteed financial growth from the company. One of its distinguishing characteristics is their capacity to handle conventional assets in a novel manner. They adjust to the erratic market conditions and deal with them using expertise in risk management, opportunity recognition, and even an understanding of downtime to efficiently control losses.

7. Research and Ranking

Research and Ranking is the best Stock Advisor in India

Research and Ranking, which began operations in 2016, is regarded as one of India’s top financial advisors. A clientele of 12K people is being served by the leading stock advising firm in India. It is a member of the esteemed Equentis Group, one of the industry’s pioneers and a prominent player in the Indian equities market since 2009.

The first non-discretionary equities advising firm in India that operates online, Research and Ranking also provides customised market research studies. They are supervised by the SEBI and receive strong backing from a group of committed experts in equities research, technology, and financial markets.

The top sock advisor in India and its founder, Manish Goel, is the director of Research and Ranking. There are more than 150 specialists on the stock advising team, hailing from different regions of India. The group delivered 25% to 30%.

8. Bajaj Capital

Bajaj Capital is the Best Stock Advisor in India

In the Indian financial industry, Bajaj Capital is a well-known and trustworthy brand that provides a wide range of financial goods and services to both retail and business clients. General insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, mutual fund applications, stock investments, stock advising, etc. are some of its key services. Bajaj Capital was founded in 1964, making it the company with the longest history at the moment. The business introduced the Companies Fixed Deposit for the first time in 1956.

Bajaj Capital, one of the leading stock advisor in India, is renowned for its client-centered philosophy, which enables its clients to experience phenomenal gain on their investments. Additionally, they are able to make wise stock investing choices over the long run because to the firm’s insightful stock-related information provided.

  • 60+ years of long history
  • A wide assortment of products & services
  • Spearheading the sector with best-in-class Investment Advisory and Financial Planning services
  • Unbiased, research-based and objective-based advice
  • Personalized wealth management support
  • Quick, reliable service
  • 24 x 7 online accessibility
  • Nationwide network of over 200 branches
  • A large pool of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs, MBAs, MBEs, CFPs, CSs, Insurance Experts, Legal Experts and others
  • Registered with SEBI

9. Unit Trust of India

Unit Trust of India is the best Stock Advisor in India

Unit Trust of India (UTI), founded in 1964, is one of the leading providers of financial services in India. Unit Trust of India (UTI) provides the investor with a safe return on their investment whenever there is a need for money. A daily pricing record is published by the Unit Trust of India, and media advertising are placed for it. As a result, there are always two pricing available each day. The two expenses stand in for the price of purchasing and reselling the units.

The primary objective of the UTI is to give both small and large investors the ability to own shares in the properties as a result of the country’s continued industrial boom.

Major Features:

  • At your disposal is a group of stock investment professionals.
  • A strong legacy of more than 50 years

10. Mister Market

Mister Market the Best Stock Advisor in India

Mister Market is considered one of the pioneering stock advisory firms in India which works towards delivering unmatched value to its clients in every sphere to stock investing. Setup in the year 2012, Mister Market was founded by Akshay Nalwade and the firm has come a long way in the associated field by delivering goal-based stock investment advisory services to its clients in a remarkable fashion.

Currently, prioritizes education on financial markets and related topics highly among the services it offers. They achieve this by offering competitively priced classes for as little as one thousand rupees, which these days is bringing them the proper attention from the right people, who in some cases have helped them get up to one hundred satisfied students in a single month.

  • Over a decade of market expertise
  • Also offers stock market education
  • Goal-based stock advisory
  • Backed by a long-term vision

The ConclusionBest Stock Advisor in India

Whether you want to invest to a short-term horizon or a long-term, choosing the right stock advisor makes a valuable different to your investment by helping you take value-based decision at various intervals. With a plethora of stock advisory companies in India operating successfully, it is necessary to choose the one that can match your specific needs and budget. You can opt from these aforementioned stock advisory firms in India and pave the way for fruitful stock investment down the line.

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FAQs about Stock Advisor in India

1. What does a stock investment advice mean?

Ans. Investment advice is defined as any guidance regarding the purchase, sale, or other dealing in securities or investment products, as well as guidance regarding an investment portfolio containing securities or investment products. This guidance may be given orally, in writing, or through any other means of communication, and it must include financial planning.

2. What could be the expected returns?

Ans. Though there is no fixed guarantee on returns from the investments, most stock advisors in India endeavor to provide returns above the BSE Sensex and BSE 500 over the medium to long term (1 to 5 years).

3. What is meant by accuracy in stock advisory?

Ans. Although stock advisors make every effort to give accuracy at the level of individual stocks, you must assess the performance in terms of the entire portfolio because this is a Portfolio Advisory Service rather than a service that recommends just one stock.

4. What is the importance of stock advisors in the field of stock investment?

Ans. Although stock advisors make every effort to give accuracy at the level of individual stocks, you must assess the performance in terms of the entire portfolio because this is a Portfolio Advisory Service rather than a service that recommends just one stock.

5. Can I expect to get a timely review of my portfolio?

Ans. Yes, most stock advisory companies in India do a thorough and regular review of their client’s portfolio at timely intervals.