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The advent of trading apps has changed the dynamics of stock trading segment. These smart, user-centric mobile trading apps are meant to help traders and investors trade in stock anytime, anywhere. All they need to do is to download and install a stock trading app, register, and indulge in stock trading. However, due to the presence of a number of trading apps, it is necessary to choose the best trading app in India that provides immense benefits to users. So, in this post, you will get to know about all the top stock trading apps in India. Let’s delve deeper in the further part of this topic.

What is a stock trading application?

A stock trading application is a kind of software program that is designed and developed to assist users trade in stocks, buy & sell stocks, monitor their portfolio, get live streaming of quotes, explore different stocks, and several other things. The users can trade in securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, and even commodities.

Which is the best trading app in India?

In most cases, investors can get confused among different types of trading apps in India. Some are good at features while some are low at charges and similarly some are good in other parameters. So, for your reference, we have highlighted some of the most popular trading apps performing the best in a specific category.

1. Paytm Money – Best Overall Trading Application

Paytm Money – Best Overall Trading App in india

Paytm Money is powered by Paytm, India’s largest digital goods and mobile platform. The stock trading app was launched in 2017 and since them it has outperformed its competitors in almost all segments – brokerage, user experience, market depth, portfolio management, fund transfer, investment options, etc. Paytm Money allows investors to invest in IPOs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, digital gold, and ETFs.

2. Groww – Best Trading App for Beginners

Groww – Best Trading App for Beginners

Another popular stock trading app is Groww which is found to be great for beginners. Groww is based out of Bangalore and allows investors to invest in IPOs, Equity, and Direct Mutual Funds. The app also enables investment in foreign stocks, digital gold, fixed deposits, and others.

3. m.Stock – Best Trading App Known For Lowest Brokerage

m Stock Review

The role of brokerage is important in the field of stock trading and it is considered a major parameter among investors looking to invest in stocks. m.Stock is a mobile trading app by Mirae Assets and launched in 2022. The app comes with a “Zero Brokerage For Life” philosophy which means investors won’t have to pay any brokerage for investment in stocks across Delivery, Intraday, and F&O segments.

4. Zerodha Kite – Best App in terms of User Experience

Zerodha Kite – Best trading App in india in terms of User Experience

In terms of overall user experience, Kite by Zerodha leads the way. Zerodha is one stock broker which has brought the concept of discount brokerage in India and is still the winner of this game. The mobile trading app has a simple yet intuitive user interface and comes with advanced features like 100+ indicators, advanced order types, portfolio management, quick order placements, etc.

S.No. Mobile Trading App Stock Broker User Rating Google Playstore Downloads Language Supported Features Òffers
1 Kite Zerodha 4.9 10 million+ English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Others Customized watch lists
Advanced charting
Works well in low bandwith internet connection
Simple yet smart interface
Click Here
2 Upstox PRO Upstox 4.7 5M+ English and Hindi Universal search tool
Customized watchlists
Real-time market feeds
Advanced charting with 100+ indicators
Click Here
3 Ange One Mobile App Angel One 4.3 10M + English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, and many more LIVE market feed
Easy fund transfer
Mulitple watchlists
Intraday charts
Personalized stock advisory
Click Here
4 Groww Groww 4.2 10M+ English One-click order placement
Instant account opening
Real-time price checks
In-app help and support
Click Here
5 Paytm Money Paytm 4 10M+ English Completely digital KYC
In-app brokerage calculators
Easy and smart user interface
Real-time market insights
Smart notifications
Click Here
6 5Paisa 5Paisa 3.9 10M+ English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Kannada Robo advisory
Invest in mutual funds
Advanced charting tools
Currency traidng in F&O category
Complete Demat& trading account management
Click Here
7 IIFL Markets IIFL 3.7 5M+ English IPO investment
Free research reports & tips
Single-click client support
Customized market watchlists
MPIN based login for enhanced security
Click Here
8 Edelweiss Mobile Trader Nuvama 3.7 1M+ English One-step login
Advanced charting features
LIVE feed streaming
Detailed stock analysis
Dedicated mutual fund section
Click Here
9 m.Stock Mirae Assets 3.6 5M+ English Up to 7 watchlists
1 click order placement
Voice-based search
Detailed portfolio view
Real-time technical data
Click Here
10 ICICIdirect ICICI Securities 3.5 100K+ English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu Customized watch lists
Next-gen charting
Invest in mutual funds
Invest in IPOs
Free trading tips
Click Here

1. Kite By Zerodha

Kite by Zerodha is a one of the best trading app in India which not only offers best-in-class features to users but also comes with lowest brokerage in the industry. Developed in-house, Kite mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. Zerodha is one of the best stock broker which brought the concept of discount broking in India.

Apart from having a simple yet useful interface, the mobile trading app offers almost similar features that you will get in its desktop application. The best thing about Kite by Zerodha is its ability to perform exceptionally well in even low bandwidth internet connection.

Major Features of Kite by Zerodha

  • Easy access to APIs
  • Simple fund transfer service
  • Supports 10 local languages
  • 3rd party integration
  • TradingView charting including ChartIQ
  • Advanced order types such as cover and brackets
  • 100+ indicators
  • LIVE quotes streaming

2. Upstox PRO

Another popular stock broker is Upstox which offers a reliable, quick and easy mobile application – Upstox PRO Mobile. Upstox is a registered member of BSE, MCX, NSE, SEBI, MCX, CDSL, and NSDL. The mobile trading app enables users to invest in categories like derivatives, stocks, commodities, and currencies. There are several features offered by Upstox PRO that make it one of the most popular stock trading apps in India among the beginners.

Some of the fabulous features of Upstox PRO are:

  • Portfolio summary
  • Customized watchlists
  • IPO investments
  • Buy and sell securities anytime, anywhere’
  • Easy access to various segments like F&O, NSE cash, and Currencies scrips
  • Advanced charting with 100+ technical indicators
  • Get price alerts
  • Chart-based order facility – TFC

3. Angel One Mobile App

One of the major participants on the Indian stock market, Angel One, formerly known as Angel Broking, supports the Angel One smartphone app. It is regarded as one of India’s top trading applications. The Angel One mobile app’s unified membership dashboard, which is packed with cutting-edge capabilities, is its standout feature.

For equities delivery transactions, Angel One doesn’t charge any brokerage fees; however, for equity intraday trades, the fee is Rs. 20 per completed order, or 0.25% (whichever is lower).

The salient features of Angel One mobile app are:

  • Live quotes streaming
  • Monitor derivatives position
  • Invest in bonds, mutual funds, etc.
  • Check Demat account holdings
  • Stock advisory through an auto advisory engine – ARQ
  • Research reports
  • Real-time fund transfer online

4. Groww

Groww is another fastest growing stock trading app in India for beginners. It was initially a mutual funds app and later expanded its offerings by including stock investments. At present, investors can choose to invest both in stocks as well as mutual funds. The app comes at zero cost and features an easy and intuitive interface which makes stock trading a smoother affair.

Groww major features are:

  • User-centric app interface
  • Safe and secure mobile application
  • Real-time stock price updates
  • Quick digital account opening
  • Candlestick charts that reveal price changes and historical performances
  • One click order placement
  • Chat-based customer support
  • In-app help and support
  • Recent news, blogs, and other resources

5. Paytm Money

Paytm is one name in the Indian digital payment landscape that needs no introduction. After making a mark in the field of online payments, the group expanded its services and launched stock broking services.

Paytm Money is one of the most well-liked online trade applications at present, with over 14 million users. Investment options in this locale include equity, mutual funds, and other financial instruments like the National Pension System (NPS). Users using Paytm Money cannot, however, exchange money or goods.

Paytm Money has grown quickly since its 2017 inception and is famous for having the lowest brokerage fee. The user is not charged for services like account opening or account maintenance. Paytm Money has a straightforward flat rate pricing structure. All trading categories, including deliverable, intraday, and futures and options (F&O) trading, have a maximum brokerage charge of Rs 15 per order.

  • Easy to invest in NPS, MFs, IPOs, and stocks.
  • Enables direct mutual funds with a 1% better return.
  • Internal brokerage calculators and investing support in regard to mutual funds.
  • Freebies including white papers and cost-free trade calls.
  • Additional features include margin versus share and margin funding.
  • Email and chat are the only methods used to respond to complaints.

6. 5Paisa

5paisa is one of the most widely used trading applications in India and is available for Apple and Android mobile platforms. This plan is quite popular with investors and traders alike. It provides a wide range of products, including as money, commodities, mutual funds, stocks, and more. The free access to news, analysis, advice, and blogs that 5paisa offers is unmatched by even the best trading apps.

5Paisa’s brokerage fees are quite straightforward. No of the size or value of the transaction, the brokerage charges Rs. 20 per executed order across all categories and products.

  • Research assistance, quick access to stock quotes, market data, and price updates
  • A variety of advanced charting and multi-asset watch list tool options are all included.
  • Developed basket orders, allowing users to order many things with a single click.
  • Allows for the ownership of American stocks
  • Offers the option to create an endless number of price alerts and watch lists
  • Demat account management
  • Currency trading in F&O category
  • Robo advisory for automatic advisory services

7. IIFL Markets

IIFL Securities provides its clients with two mobile trading and investment applications: IIFL Markets and IIFL MF. IIFL Markets is a one-stop store for all trading requirements. The investors  may invest in and manage their mutual fund investments with IIFL MF at the touch of a finger. The best stock trading app in India, IIFL Markets is offered by IndiaInfoline, a full-service brokerage firm. Along with providing goods in all the categories of stocks, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds, the IIFL Markets app is renowned for its stock recommendations and research reports, both of which are offered to consumers without charge.

The iServe brokerage plan from IFL Securities offers free equity delivery trades and costs a flat rate of Rs 20 per trade for intraday and F&O trades in equity, currency, and commodities at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

  • Simplified access to NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.
  • Request IPOs
  • Make a personalized market watchlist.
  • granular dashboard for currencies, commodities, and indices
  • MPIN-based secured trading for login.
  • Login as a free guest user
  • Advanced charts that can be studied, drawn, and analysed.
  • Price alerts as well as news and IIFL idea notifications.
  • Free research reports and trade advice are available.
  • Live TV and video updates on the newest happenings

8. Nuvama (Edelweiss) Mobile Trader

Being a full-service stock broker in India, Nuvama (earlier Edelweiss) makes a sagacious use of technology and offers a cutting-edge mobile trading app to its clients- Mobile Trader. The Nuvama Mobile Trader app enables users to track and trade a variety of financial products at the BSE and NSE. Customers may use the app to analyse their transactions, receive real-time market data, and monitor the performance of their portfolio. It gives customers access to the most potent charting tool available for a mobile app, as well as all current and impending events, sentiment research for the stock market, and much more.

  • One point investment across BSE, NSE, MCX & NCDEX
  • Easy one-step login for quick access
  • Prepare customizable watchlists up to 100 stocks per list
  • Live streaming of stocks across NSE, BSE & MCX
  • Live news section swifter in comparison to TV
  • Advanced charting
  • 17 technical indicators like Super Trend, RSI, drawing tools & others
  • Latest updates on Top Gainers & Losers, Most Active, 52 Week High & Low, Volume Buzzers, FII DII Flows, Sector Performance, Option Chain, etc.
  • Comprehensive information and analysis of stocks across NSE, BSE
  • All-inclusive mutual funds section
  • Fast and secure fund transfer service
  • Smart portfolio management

9. m Stock

m Stock is a very popular stock trading app by Mirae Assets, a leading asset management company. The most exciting feature of this stock broker is its zero brokerage plan across all segments. Some of the major features of mStock mobile app are 3-in-1 account, free trading calls, margin funding, mutual funds investment, IPO investments, exchange traded funds, etc.

Features of mStock

  • Simple and fast account opening
  • Timely app updates for bug fixing and better app experience
  • Zero brokerage on intraday and F&O segments
  • Stable app experience
  • Free access to extreme liquid currency markets
  • 1 click index baskets
  • Single click order placement

10. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is counted among earliest full-brokerage service providers in India by ICICI Group. It offers expert traders and investors simple-to-use online trading and investment services. As befits a full-service brokerage app, it offers free advisory services, research, and trading in equity futures. ICICI Direct has no fees for services including opening an account and trading futures.

Salient Features of ICICI Direct:

  • In-app customer support
  • LIVE quotes streaming
  • Investment in IPOs
  • Customized watchlists
  • Advanced charts
  • Free trading tips

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Top Features of The Best Trading App In India

Usability – It’s critical that you develop an app that is simple to understand and use because not everyone can quickly grasp the stock market and its components. The program may do more important jobs, monitor stock exchange market data, and give you important information on minute changes.

Since effective stock trading depends on their capacity to make the greatest purchases or sells at the right moments, stock traders and investors must have access to real-time data. The market data should not only be accessible, but also simple to obtain. The top trading app in India therefore has to include this feature.

Cross-Platform Compatibility – The chosen trading app must be usable on both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Additionally, the app has to offer a seamless trading experience across all mobile devices, no matter where they are or how they are configured. The app shouldn’t experience performance hiccups more frequently.

Smart Notifications – A study found that notifications improved user engagement by 190%. Now that users can follow the status of their orders, alerts serve a far more important role. Due to the fact that not all transactions are finished immediately, please in mind that prices may occasionally vary between the time an order is placed and the time it is fulfilled. Users should be adequately informed when anything happens by using notifications.

Security – Risks frequently arise in industries like banking and finance. Data theft is a constant concern in the financial sector that might cost you a lot of money. The most important feature that must be present in the newest stock applications is security. The stock market app will incorporate a number of private information. Therefore, it is crucial to check that the trading app has the required security features to safeguard your funds and private data.


The role of a stock trading app is paramount when it comes to having a smoother, faster, and reliable trading experience. This is why experts recommend choosing the best trading app in India that contains all the features that are must for a seamless trading experience. The given top trading apps in India have become popular in the market due to their wonderful features, minimal downtime, competitive brokerage, and other elements.

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FAQs on best trading app in India

Here are several frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the best trading app in India.

Q.1. Which stock trading app levies the lowest brokerage charges?

Ans. m.Stock by Mirae Assets is not just a great trading app but it also levies zero brokerage from investors across all trading segments.

Q.2. Which trading app in best for beginners?

Ans. According to stock trading experts and user reviews available online, Kite by Zerodha is one app which works well for beginners. Its easy user interface, discount brokerage, useful charting and other features make it a great app for both new and seasoned stock investors.

Q.3. Which trading app has most downloads?

Ans. Kite By Zerodha is the most downloaded stock trading app in India at present.

Q.4. Which is the best stock trading app in India?

Ans. With the most downloads and the highest app reviews, Zerodha Kite is India’s top trading app. Upstox Pro, Angel One by Angel One, the 5Paisa trading software, and many other apps come after it.

Q.5. Which trading app is the most reliable?

Ans. In comparison to other trading apps, Zerodha Kite is quite steady while taking into account the biggest numbers of users. Since Zerodha is a successful and debt-free firm, it is the most reliable.

Q.6. What factors should I consider while choosing the best trading app in India?

Ans. Some of the top features to look when you search for the best stock trading app in Indi are its user interface, advanced charting, minimal downtime, robo advisory, reliability, automatic trading, etc.

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