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Trading in the stock market can be very unpredictable. To trade well, you need lots of practice. Luckily, there are online platforms where beginners can learn. They’re called Paper Trading platforms. Neostox is one of them. It lets traders practice without using real money. This helps them learn how to trade smartly. This article will review Neostox and explain how it gives you a realistic trading experience without the stress of using real money.

Neostox Review

What is Neostox?

Neostox is a virtual stock simulator in India. It helps new traders practice trading stocks, options, and futures in the Indian stock market. What sets it apart are two key things: it has a desktop trading interface that works well, and the prices change just like they do in real life.

Also, you can use Neostox on your computer or phone to practice trading without risking real money. This makes learning more interesting and makes practice trading feel like the real deal.

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How to use Neostox Platform for Options Trading?

If you are using the Neostox virtual trading Platform, easy to use  in trading and learning. There are specific steps that you need to follow to get the options trading done quickly using the below steps-

  • Neostox Register and Login:- The very first step is to register neostox yourself with the Neostox website and login with your credentials.
  • Search for Instruments:- Neostox has multiple options for paper trade. From equities, futures, and options to commodities, you can choose among the best through which you want to learn to trade and gain confidence.
  • Make use of Charts and Insights:- During trading, you can view charts and initiate buying/selling trades in just one click. If you are using the Neostox virtual trading app, you will have the option of the search engine to find suitable instruments for trading,
  • Place Order Easily:- Once you select the trading option, you can click on buy/sell and hit the trading option. Your preferences will be saved, and you can trade accordingly. You can accordingly set your stop-loss under a fixed amount. 
  • Set the Investment Amount:- You can now decide on the investment amount (not actual). There’s no need for calculators. Neostox will automatically calculate the amount you invest based on the quantity or percentage of virtual capital you enter.
  • Quantity Calculation: Auto/Fixed:- Quantity calculations take a lot of time, mainly when dealing with choices. Once you set the amount, Neostox will compute the quantity automatically for you if you simply pick “auto calculate the quantity.” Faster trading and less trouble.
  • Place a Market Order:- When you submit a market order, the system virtually executes it in accordance with the bid/offer price that is currently trading in the live market after reading the order book in real-time. This is also what takes place in real-time.
  • Setting up the Trigger Points:- Neostox has an innovative stop limit, allowing you to set trigger points to enter the trade and track the instrument price.
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PaperTradingApp Review of Neostox

After trying different paper trading platforms for the Indian stock market, we can confidently say that Neostox is a great choice for beginners. Even though it’s a bit more expensive than others, it’s worth it.

Neostox is really organized and advanced for paper trading. It looks and works like a real trading system, with easy-to-use features, quick responses, and almost real-time price changes. What else could you want from a paper trading platform?

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Top Reasons to Choose Neostox Virtual Trading 

Virtual trading Neostox offers multiple reasons to use for the learning process. Below, we have mentioned some reasons why Neostox is perfect for virtual trading and learning without investing real money.

Carries Pre-Built Option Strategies

The Neostox virtual trading app and website both offer ready-made option strategies, even in the basic version. But if you want to use the pre-set 30+ option trading methods on Neostox, you need to subscribe to the silver or gold plan.

To make a safe transaction, just choose how you feel about the market and select your favorite strategy. With premium access to Neostox, you can use this feature for real trading and practice trading without needing other option trading platforms.

Has both Desktop and Mobile App

Neostox is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, which sets it apart from many other paper trading platforms. While mobile is a valuable tool for managing trades and punching orders, I do not suggest using it for chart reading or market analysis.

Professional traders use a computer with multiple screens in front of them for all these tasks. It is only then that you can accurately assess the market and make the most profitable trading decisions. However, if you like to trade while travelling, the best you can do is use the Neostox virtual trading app. 

Live LTP Monitoring

Paper traders can use the real-time LTP monitoring available on both the app and desktop versions. LTP is an important feature in trading as it offers traders real-time view of the current stock price. Moreover, investors can check if the stock’s value is up or down. Having a LTP tool can make the trading easy and safe.

Intelligent and Easy-To-Use Interface

Neostox virtual trading simulator has an intelligent and intuitive user interface. When you first access your trading terminal, the Nifty 5 chart and Active Positions are on one side of the screen, while the watch list is on the right. The chart may be adjusted to different periods, and its integrated tools allow you to draw simple symbols on it.

NeoScreener Feature

Neostox has a tool called NeoScreener. It helps you analyze the market using artificial intelligence. This tool changes how you deal with financial markets. NeoScreener checks over 10,000 tradable items in real-time. It provides you with detailed market data and quick insights.

With NeoScreener, you get the latest market data instantly. This includes volume, industry sectors, bid and ask prices, last traded price (LTP), spread, and other important info. This data is computed using AI to show demand and supply.

Advanced Option Chains

Neostox’s Advanced Options Chain tool brings a fresh approach to virtual trading. It gives you real-time info on options, helping you plan your trades smartly. This tech is more than just basic analysis.

With our real-time options data, you get important details like volume, open interest, bid and ask prices, last trading prices, and implied volatility (IV). This helps you stay ahead in trading. With this data, you can be sure your trading strategy is always ahead of the game.

Stock Screener

This effective paper trading tool from Neostox provides a real-time perspective of the stock market by displaying the list of the top 100 gainers and losers. It is intended to transform the way traders engage with the stock market by giving them brief, detailed insights.

Neostox’s Stocks Screener is a comprehensive analytical tool, not just a list. Some of the data you will receive are- Name, Last Traded Price (LTP), Volume, Total Sell Limit Orders etc. You can act swiftly and effectively by making well-informed decisions with this level of detail.

Index Screener

With Neostox’s Index Screener, you can understand the stock market better. It shows real-time info on different stock market indexes and how they’re doing. This tool is great for investors and traders.

The screener gives you a clear view of each market index by calculating how well the companies in it are doing. If you want to make fast decisions using current stock market data, the Index Screener is perfect for you.

AI Option Trading

Neostox’s AI-powered options trading tool can make option trading easier. This high-tech feature is really helpful for traders who want to use smart trading methods. It’s easy to use and combines AI technology with a helpful trading assistant.

In today’s world of computerized trading, the AI-powered Options Assistant helps you stay ahead by making sure your trades are well-timed and based on thorough market analysis.

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Benefits of Using Neostox for Virtual Trading

For any newcomer, learning or studying about stock trading is quite important. There are different aspects that one has to know before getting into actual money trading. Using the Neostox app for virtual trading can give you many benefits, including-

  • Best for Demo Trading:- Demo trading is completely free to use, and it is best to learn before actual trading. There is no chance that poor judgment or inauspicious timing would result in financial loss. It also enables you to spot weaknesses in your analytical procedure. Consequently, you can focus on creating a clear trading advantage.
  • Practical Experience:- It gives customers practical experience with every facet of the trading process. Pre-market planning and estimating final profit or loss are among the things they study. In addition, customers get comfortable practising with money software on the broker’s simulator. They are aware that there are no risks involved and that there won’t be any monetary losses.
  • Get Relevant Statistics:- You get relevant statistics after several weeks of trading practice. You gain a deep knowledge of new trading strategies, and the market approach is deeper.
  • No Emotions Attached:- The two common feelings that can arise from trading are fear and greed. These feelings often mask essential facts needed for effective risk management. You can get off this emotional roller coaster and concentrate on the mathematical process instead of the risks when you conduct a transaction on paper.

Neostox Trading Plans

Neostox offers three premium plans – Basic, Silver, and Gold. As of February 2024, their monthly price is, after upto a 30% discount, Rs. 281, Rs. 671, and Rs. 1,120, respectively.

Neostox Trading Plans

The top-line silver and gold plans come with a tonne of appealing features, such as access to pre-made options strategies, basket order, options analyser, complex options chain, and various screeners.

Start Paper Trading Now with the Neostox Trading Platform

We have covered the maximum points under this Neostox review that will help you decide why and how you can use Neostox for paper trading. 

Paper trading with Neostox aims to build confidence when you start real money and learn what the real money trading market environment is all about. Download the Neostox mobile app now and start paper trading for a long-term practical trading experience.

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FAQs on Neostox Paper Trading

Check out different FAQs regarding Neostox Paper Trading here.

Q.1. Is Neostox free for paper trading?

Ans:- Yes, it is absolutely free to use and practice.

Q.2. Is Neostox paper trading platform worth using?

Ans:- Yes, Neostox offers the best trading experience for beginners wanting to get into real-trading environment. It comes with all essential features that will help beginners to learn and practice without investing real money.

Q.3. Is worth buying the premium plan of Neostox?

Ans:- Yes, it is worth to pay and paper trader using the premium version. However, if you don’t have a plan to paper trade for long, then the basic plan of Rs 275 is the best.

Q.4. Is Neostox free for virtual trading?

Ans:- No, because it is a premium platform, even though you can visit it for free and have two trading sessions with full access to the trading panel.

There are three paid plans available, and only the top premium plans have access to the premium features, which include pre-built alternatives, tactics, and different screeners. In the basic plan, you can make up to three trades per day; in the top-tier gold plan, you can make as many trades as you like, every day.

Q.5. What orders are available in Neostox app?

Ans:- There are three different types of orders available- Market Orders, Stop Limit, and Limit Orders. Moreover, you have the option of intraday and regular orders. 

Q.6. Is Neostox best for Paper Trading?

Ans:- Yes, Neostox comes with multiple features and tools to learn and trade without using real money. You can trade on stock options, futures, commodities, and others.

Q.7. Does paper trading have risk?

Ans:- Paper trading doesn’t involve any real money, so you don’t have any risk. If you are new to stock trading and are not yet comfortable risking your money, start with paper trading.

Q.8. Is Neostox safe?

Ans:- Yes, once you place the order, it is registered, and you can monitor real-time profit and loss percentage based on price fluctuations.

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