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The introduction of Demat accounts changed how stock trades were made. It removed the tedious and sometimes poorly done process of buying and selling shares using paper scrips. SEBI-approved stock brokers can open and manage top Demat accounts. Now, securities and shares can be kept electronically and traded digitally from anywhere. This dematerialization process also lowers the risk of theft or fraud that comes with paper-based transactions.

To invest in shares and securities and trade them on the stock market, you need a Demat account. Check out the 11 top Demat accounts in India. Learn about their features, benefits, drawbacks, and costs. Keep reading!

List of top 11 Best Demat Accounts in India

Brokers name Brokerage chargeAmc chargeDp charges
Zerodha 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed orderRs. 300 13.5 per debit transaction
Upstox Rs 20 or 2.5% of trade valueRs. 0 18.5 per scrip per day 
GrowwLower of Rs 20 per trade or 0.05%Rs. 0₹13.5 per transaction
5Paisa Demat AccountZero Rs. 300 ₹12.5 plus 18% GST per scrip
SAS OnlineRs 9 per executed order or 0.01%Rs. 200 ₹15 per scrip
SBICAP Securities Demat Account0.05%Rs. 400 0.1%
ICICI Direct Demat Account0.55% irrespective of turnoverRs 300 ₹4.5+ GST
Axis Direct Demat Account0.50%Rs 100 to 750INR 50 per sell transaction
Kotak Securities Demat Account0.25% or Rs 20 whichever is higherRs 600 Min. Rs. 27/-(per Instruction)
HDFC Securities Demat Account0.10% per tradeRs 300 -800INR 17.50 (INR 13 + 4.50) per sell transaction
Sharekhan Demat Account 0.50% or 10 paise per shareNil for the first year₹20.5 per scrip + GST per scrip

What is a Demat Account?

The abbreviation “Demat” stands for “dematerialization.” In simple terms, a Demat account allows shares and securities to be owned and traded electronically. This process replaces the old paper-based method of buying and selling. A Demat account helps traders reduce the risks of fraud and theft.

In 1996, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) made it clear that having a Demat account is required to trade or own shares and securities. Without a Demat account, you cannot own, buy, or sell shares. You can open one of the top Demat accounts with no money in it, but there may be different fees for creating a Demat account based on the provider.

Where to open a Demat Account in India?

Your lowest brokerage demat account will be set up and maintained by central depositories. The two central storage facilities in India are CDSL and NSDL. These Central Depositories also serve as your primary points of contact when establishing a Demat account, and they designate the Depository Participants.

Several lowest brokerage demat account providers in India offer prospective customers who are interested in trading shares with attractive rewards. This indicates that choosing the finest Demat account might be difficult, particularly for novice investors. Therefore, instead of giving in to tempting promises, one should constantly search for Demat account platforms that have a solid reputation in the industry.

By doing this, the possibility of fraud and other dangers is minimized. Furthermore, getting guidance from trade professionals and conducting thorough market research consistently results in a successful investing journey. Any investor may choose between the two kinds of booking services, as was previously mentioned.

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Which lowest amc demat account is suitable for you will depend on your level of financial experience. For example, if you are an experienced investor with a thorough understanding of the market, you may select cheaper brokerage services.

However, full-time brokerage services would be the right for you if you’re just starting because they also offer consulting and consultation services connected to investments. Investing through full-time brokerage services lowers your risk and ensures that you always make the right choice. 

Knowing whether to create a Demat account with the bank or a stockbroker is another question that frequently arises in light of the availability of these two broking services. Given the relative quality of both of these Demat account opening solutions, your choice should depend on how smooth you want your investing experience to be. When it comes to creating a Demat account, certain banks perform well.

Therefore, the banks, stock brokers, or other financial organizations who retain and document all account-related activities are known as Depository Participants or DPs. A DP often comes in two varieties:

  • Full-time service brokers: These brokers work year-round and provide financial counseling, investment-related advice, and broking solutions. 
  • Discount brokers: These are the brokerage services that charge a lower fee for their services. Their services are restricted to trade deals only, in contrast to full-time service brokers. 

What is the best demat accounts in india for people?

Are you looking to create the best Demat accounts in India? Below are some of the best options for you.

Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha is leading best demat account in india
Image via Zerodha

With over 6.63 million active users, Zerodha is India’s top Demat account. With market data and sophisticated charts to assist you in making better investing decisions, it provides you with a trade and Demat account.

Dp Charge: 13.5 per debit transaction 


  • Data from market research and sophisticated charts to support your trade.
  • The Zerodha Varsity mobile app allows you to create your trading platform and provides education on trading.
  • Immediately trade mutual funds.
Account opening chargesRs. 200
Annual maintenance charges Rs 300 

Upstox Demat Account

Upstox is the best demat account in india
Image via Upstox

Upstox is one of the emerging companies in the brokerage industry. They offer a 3-in-1 profile with trading, savings, and storage functions, much to Zerodha. The main difference is that there aren’t any yearly maintenance fees or account setup costs. Upstox offers choices for trading stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies, much as the majority of prominent brokers.  

Dp Charge: 18.5 per scrip per day 


  • For tracking and handling your mutual funds and stocks, you will only need one account.
  • You may purchase and trade digital gold using it.
  • From anywhere in the globe, you may trade.
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs  0 

Groww Demat Account

Groww is the fastest growing demat account in India
Image via Google

You can invest in equity, derivatives, retail equity, and other securities by opening a Groww Demat Account. They additionally offer traders and investors Internet trading products. Both resident Indians and non-resident Indians (NRIs) are permitted to invest digitally in equity, mutual funds, and initial public offerings (IPOs). 

Dp Charge: ₹13.5 per transaction 


  • Integrated account
  • From forgery and reduces the risks of storing, theft, damage, and malpractice
  • Available for all customers for any queries
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs 0 

5Paisa Demat Account

5Paisa one of the Best Demat account in India
Image via 5Paisa

5Paisa offers the lowest brokerage fees of Rs 10 per transaction when a user purchases the additional Ultra Trader bundle. It is possible to arrange a trade worth crores for just Rs 10 in brokerage. The Ultra Trader Pack is Rs. 999 per month. A set brokerage charge of Rs. 20 is charged by 5Paisa for each fulfilled order that does not include the pack. The 5Paisa mobile app offers the best user experience, simplicity, and quickness in India.

Dp Charge: ₹12.5 plus 18% GST per scrip 


  • It is easy to view portfolio, status, and holdings data thanks to the web-based interface.
  • A current market price, extensive tool-equipped charts, and historical stock prices are all provided.
  • With the help of this software, you may trade on your mobile device with easy access to markets and an excellent user interface.
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs 300  

SAS Online Demat Account

SAS Online is known as the best Demat account in India
Image via SAS Online

The lowest amc demat account, SAS Online, gives you access to advanced software that lets you buy or sell stocks instantly, maximizing your ability to profit from market fluctuations. For active traders, this is among the best alternatives. SAS Online is a good option for traders who trade actively. It offers you some special characteristics together with inexpensive trading options. 

Dp Charge: ₹15 per script


  • With more than 300 stocks to pick from
  • You may buy delivery for up to 4 times the value of your order
  • Get the most latest market information and updates
  • Buy or sell straight immediately.
Account opening chargesRs. 200
Annual maintenance charges Rs 200

SBICAP Securities Demat Account

SBICAP Securities known as the best Demat account in India
Image via SBI Cap Securities

With the help of tools for market research and educational materials, SBICAP Securities Demat Account is a mobile trading platform that can help you make wise investment choices. One of the well-known SBI group’s subsidiaries is the SBICAP Securities Demat Account. The app’s rating as one of India’s top Demat accounts is supported by its educational features, market data, and trading advice.

Dp Charge: 0.1%


  • Resources for education are accessible
  • Get advice on stock trading.
  • Devoted manager  
Account opening chargesRs. 850
Annual maintenance charges Rs 0 

ICICI Direct Demat Account

ICICI Direct is the best Demat account in India
Image via ICICI Direct

With an ICICI Direct Demat Account, you may invest in both the local and international markets using a digital platform. In addition to many other things, you may trade stocks, mutual funds, and fractional shares.

Dp Charge: ₹4.5+ GST 


  • Obtain research reports and market data.
  • Educational materials.
  • Purchase fractional shares in the worldwide market.
  • Open a 3-in-1 account  
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs 300 

Kotak Securities Demat Account

Kotak Securities is the best Demat account in India
Image via Kotak Securities

More than twenty million users are using The Kotak Securities Demat Account. It offers you trading guidance, market research resources, and a three-in-one account. This is among the best choices for building an affordable portfolio. Kotak Securities could be a good alternative for those who wish to invest with a modest quantity of money or for novices due to the learning materials and the possibility to invest in small instances.

Dp Charge: Min. Rs. 27/-(per Instruction)


  • Get recommendations and market research. 
  • One account integrates trading, savings, and demat accounts. 
  • Investing in small instances can help you establish a low-cost portfolio.
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs 600 

HDFC Securities Demat Account

HDFC Securities Best Demat account in India
Image via HDFC Securities

You may trade online with HDFC Securities Demat Account, a 20-year-old trading services supplier, and save valuable time in the process. One of the best choices for offline assistance is this. For all of your trading requirements, the HDFC Securities Demat Account is a one-stop solution. In addition to receiving customer support around the clock, seven days per week, you can trade both domestic and foreign stocks.

Dp Charge: INR 17.50 (INR 13 + 4.50) per sell transaction


  • Resources for market research
  • Exchange commodities, IPOs, stocks, mutual funds, and others;  
  • There are chances for international investment
  • One can easily place orders over the phone
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance charges Rs 300 -800

Axis Direct Demat Account

Axis Direct is the Best Demat account in India
Image via Axis Direct

Over two million customers rely on Axis Direct Demat accounts when they’re looking for the top demat accounts in India. Axis offers you a range of investing options and powerful tools for conducting market research to help you make decisions. It’s excellent for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of trading. The 3-in-1 account from Axis Direct offers both beginner-friendly learning resources and free-market analytical data from experts.

Dp Charge: INR 50 per sell transaction


  • Having one account for trading, financial services, and Demat. 
  • Consult with experts in the field of market research. 
  • Provides trading opportunities for stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other financial products
  • Offers a variety of educational materials, including expert articles, conferences, and online courses.
Account opening chargesRs. 499
Annual maintenance charges Rs 100 to 750 

Sharekhan Demat Account

In india Sharekhan is  Best Demat account
Image via Sharekhan

With instruction, portfolio management, market analysis, and other attributes, Sharekhan Demat Account is a one-stop trading system. This approach will be helpful to both novice and experienced traders. Consider Sharekhan as a potential option if you’re searching for the right Demat trading account available in India. It lets you trade a wide range of assets, including mutual funds, equities, and bonds. To evaluate and rebalance your investments, you can also employ experts.

Dp Charge: ₹20.5 per scrip + GST per scrip


  • Learning tools
  • Expert market projections
  • Audio and video snippets to assist in comprehending market trends
  • Portfolio management services offered
Account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance fees Rs 400 ( free for first year)

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Benefits of opening demat account in india

Here are some benefits of opening a Demat account in India:

No paper Certificates

After being issued on paper initially, stocks are now electronically stored and traded electronically thanks to Demat accounts. A burden of several certificates reflecting the shares befell investors who had previously purchased shares. These copies were very likely to be misplaced or destroyed, and the transfer procedures took a long time. Time and effort were significantly decreased when the Demat account was introduced, as the entire procedure was now computerized.

Simple to Store

The quantity of shares that may be kept in a Demat account is unlimited. Investors may easily make big trades and keep an eye on your stock holdings. Share transfers may also be completed quickly with demat accounts.

Easy access

Anyone may access and manage their portfolio whenever and wherever they desire by utilizing a computer or smartphone. With a Demat account, investment for long-term financial security is easier and more readily available than it has ever been.


One more benefit of having a Demat account is that you may choose a beneficiary. The depository’s prescribed processes must be followed when making nominations. The beneficiary will get the investor’s assets in the case of the investor’s death.

International Transactions

NRIs would not have been able to invest in Indian stock markets in the past. But now since there are several Demat account types accessible, this is now possible. NRIs can purchase or sell shares on the NSE or BSE as they like and can choose between repatriable and non-repatriable Demat account kinds. This is the best thing and development in the stock market. 

Why is a Demat Account Required?

Among the numerous investment possibilities made possible by a Demat account are bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The right amount is credited to or deducted from a person’s Demat account, which works comparable to a bank account when they buy or sell a company’s shares.

Features of a Demat Account

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a Demat account is, let’s examine some of its salient characteristics.

  • Easy Access: With a lowest brokerage demat account, you can easily monitor and handle all of your investments and reports through net banking.
  • Easy Dematerialization: Physical share certificates may be transformed into digital format and vice versa with the help of a depository participant (DP), which simplifies the dematerialization procedure.
  • Improved Liquidity: By streamlining the share sale process and facilitating a quicker and simpler way of converting shares into cash, demat accounts have improved liquidity.

Which is India’s No. 1 Demat account in 2024?

Zerodha:- Zerodha is India’s No. 1 demat account due to its user-friendly platform and low brokerage charges. It offers a seamless trading experience with advanced tools and strong customer support.

Best Demat Account for Beginners

Groww:- Groww offers one of the best Demat accounts for beginners, providing a user-friendly platform with zero account maintenance charges and easy-to-use investment tools. Its intuitive interface and educational resources make it ideal for those new to trading and investing.

Top Demat Account for IPO Investment

Angel One:- Angel One offers a top Demat account ideal for IPO investments, providing seamless access to new listings and a user-friendly interface. With competitive brokerage fees and efficient service, it stands out for both beginners and seasoned investors.

Final Word

In addition to providing traders with more protection, demat accounts have revolutionized the markets by greatly boosting their efficiency. Transactions may now be filled considerably more quickly, safely and accurately thanks to digitalization. Being able to purchase and sell quickly might yield substantial rewards under volatile markets. 

To make an informed decision when selecting a lowest amc demat account, a beginner might evaluate brokers based on the services they provide, extra features like access to study reports and round-the-clock assistance, the cost of creating a Demat account, the costs that they charge, etc.


Q.1. Is it possible to have more than one Demat account?

Ans. Sure. There is no limit on the total number of Demat accounts that one person may have. The basic requirement is that every Demat account be connected to a legitimate PAN Card.

Q.2. Does a PAN card need to be linked to a Demat account?

Ans. Yes, by the SEBI Circular of April 27, 2007, it is necessary to provide a PAN Card and link it to a current Demat account.

Q.3. What paperwork is required for opening a Demat account?

Ans. The paperwork necessary for opening a Demat account is: 

  • PAN card
  • Proof of income
  • Address proof
  • Canceled checks
  • Signatures
  • Passport-size photos 

Q.4. Which bank is good for opening your Demat account in India?

Ans. The following banks are good for opening your Demat account in India: 

  • ICICI Direct.
  • HDFC Securities.
  • Kotak Securities.
  • Axis Direct.
  • SBI Securities.

Q.5. How to select the right Demat account for you?

Ans. The following are crucial factors to take into account while choosing the finest Demat account in India for your needs:

  • Easy of use
  • Hassle-free app Interface 
  • Fees 

Q.6. Who is not able to set up a Demat account?

Ans. You can trade stocks on the stock market using a Demat account as a grown-up or as a minor. If you are under eighteen, your parents or a designated guardian may create and manage your Demat account.

Q.7. Should I open two Demat accounts?

Ans. You can have many Demat accounts just like you may have multiple bank accounts. There is no restriction on how many Demat accounts you may link to a PAN.

Q.8. Do I need a broker to trade?

Ans. With DPs, you may create a Demat account without a broker; but, to trade on the stock market, you will need to obtain a trading account via a SEBI-registered broker or sub-broker. Numerous brokers are available that provide services for the lowest possible brokerage fees.

Q.9. Can my Demat account be transferred?

Ans. Demat account transfers can be done online or offline. For offline Demat account transfers, the form is accessible on the broker’s desk; for online Demat account transfers, it may be found on CDSL’s website.

Q.10. Can my broker sell the shares?

Ans. In a discretionary account, brokers are free to purchase and sell stocks as they feel appropriate, provided that the transactions are consistent with your investment policy statement and risk tolerance.  

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